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General conditions - SKRIVENI rent-a-car - General conditions

General conditions

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Reservation of the vehicle can be made directly through the Web site. It is necessary to enter the required personal data that we use and protect in accordance with the GDPR regulation. When booking, a prepayment is charged which is required as a guarantee of the reservation and later is deducted from the amount when paying for service. If you need to change your reservation, Lessor will consider all possibilities to satisfy the client if possible. Deposit is realized by PayPal Account and at the latest ten (10) days before the date of using the rental service. If the deposit is not realized within the indicated deadline, the reservation shall be deemed invalid.

If the reservation is made through Website the Lessor should be informed by phone or e-mail about any modification or cancellation. The Lessor is obligated to confirm the modification or cancellation. Only in case of cancellation of the reservation at least 10 days before using the rental service the Lesser returns paid deposit deducted for the Pay Pal service expenses. In the case of cancellation in less than ten (10) days or if the customer does not arrive the deposit will be retained.

When booking the vehicle, the desired day, the time and place of delivery and drop-off should be selected. The vehicle is delivered to the full tank, clean and corresponding mandatory equipment. The vehicle is also returned to the agreed place and time clean, full tank and with the corresponding mandatory equipment.

Calculation of leasing is done on full days. The day lasts 24 hours, the transition to the next hour counts and is charged as a new day. A delay of up to 30 minutes is tolerated due to reasonable reasons. Payment is made in cash. If the deposit is made, when paying the deposit will be deducted from the total amount for the payment.
Payment is made when the vehicle is handed over to the lessee.

The Lessee is obligated to obey the Traffic Law and bears the consequences resulting from violating the law. The lessee is obligated to handle in a good manner and prevent damage on the vehicle, respecting the instructions and signaling of the vehicle manufacturer. In case of damage, the lessee is obligated to compensate for the damages. The signing of the Agreement includes an acceptance of General Conditions by the Lessee.

The vehicle is entitled to be operated only by the person who has signed the Agreement with the Lesser. Lessee must have a valid driver’s license and at least 2 years of driving experience.
When leaving the vehicle, the Lessee must lock all the doors and close all the windows on the vehicle.
Is not allowed:
– To provide the subject of lease handling and using of third parties
– To provide subject of lease to sublease
– Driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or pills
– To transport more persons than the vehicle is registered for
– To participate with subject of lease in competitions or Rally Races
– To use the subject of the lease for the carriage of objects, materials or other items that could damage the vehicle in any way
– To use the object of lease for towing other vehicles
– To use the object of lease for any commercial purposes.

In the case of a vehicle malfunction or a fault signaling on the vehicle dashboard, the user is obliged to stop the vehicle and contact Lessor and prevent further damage.
Lesser is obliged to provide the lessee with a replacement vehicle and, in the absence of a replacement vehicle, to return the amount charged to the lessee for the days that the lessee cannot use the vehicle due to a malfunction if the malfunction is caused by Lesser responsibility.

Every vehicle in our fleet has insurance Policy against the damage caused on third parts by using our car. The Policy can be deemed to be void if any condition is not obeyed in which case the Lessee takeover possibility to pay the charges to the Lessor claimed from third parts or their insurance companies.
Additional Insurance included in price is TP (Theft Protection)- The Lessee is not responsible for the damage caused by this case if General conditions are obeyed.
The Lessee can lower the risk and damage charges in case of accident by accepting some of following insurance options:
WUG (Wheel, Underside and Glass) – covers damage caused unintentionally on wheels, underside and outer glass objects up to 5000,00 kn.
CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) – buying this insurance the Lessee will be charged only for damage above 5000,00 kn. CDW covers damage on chassis, paint and varnish, lights, side mirrors and rear and front bumper if caused unintentionally.
SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver) – covers every damage caused on vehicle unintentionally up to 15 000,00 kn.
Insurances do not cover in any case:
– risks of internal vehicle damages (except in case of car accident)
– burned clutch damage
– damage caused by lack of engine oil
– damage caused by using the wrong fuel
– damage caused by loss of vehicle documents, keys or register plates
– damage caused by driving under alcohol and/or drug influence
– damage caused by unauthorized driver
– damage caused abroad if crossing the border is not permitted by the Lessor
– damage caused in car accident if local Police Station is not informed
– any damage caused on vehicle if not declared to the Lessor.
In case of any of above situations the Lessee is fully responsible for caused damage and will be charged. The Lessor is not responsible for damage or loss of the Lessee’s properties in or on rented vehicle.
Without official police report the Lessee will be charged for full amount of caused damage no matter of agreed insurance type. The report is necessary also in the case if damage is caused on the parked vehicle when Lessee was not present in the moment of damage (example: rented vehicle is damaged on parking place from unknown driver/vehicle).

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